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  Using AI to Speed up the Processing of Space Images Much of the information that is beamed back from space is useless. Pictures taken by satellites orbiting the Earth might take days to download, only to show lots of cloud obscuring the area of interest. The subject matter may also be surrounded by irrelevant information. All this uses up a lot of valuable bandwidth. 从太空回传回来的信息大部分都是无用的。有时候•□▷,从轨道卫星上把照片下载下来可能要花掉你好几天时间▪…▽,但最后你却发现■▲▪,大量的云层遮住了你想看的内容。又或者,你关心的内容被一些无关的信息所覆盖•▪。这些无用的信息耗费掉了大量宝贵的带宽●◇。 Processing data in space, before transmission, would reduce clutter, but this can be tricky▽▲. Cosmic rays randomly flip the ones and zeroes that computers operate on, introducing unpredictable errors. High levels of radiation can also damage electronic circuits○□. KP Labs, based in Gliwice, Poland, is building a satellite to overcome some of these problems. Their device, called Intuition-1, is controlled by a neural network, a form of artificial intelligence modelled on the human brain◁. The satellite is what is known in the trade as a 6U CubeSat, which means it is composed of six standard-sized 10x10x11△◆◇.5cm modules. 在数据回传之前=,提前在太空中对数据进行处理可以减少许多乱七八糟的信息。但这样的想法实现起来非常棘手▷□▷。高能宇宙射线会随机翻转计算机中的1和0(即0变1●,或者1变0)▪,导致一些不可预测的错误被引入。电竞赛事竞猜平台而且=•,电竞赛事竞猜平台高剂量的辐射也可能会损坏电脑电路=◁。位于波兰格利维采的KP实验室目前正在建造一颗卫星▽•,以期解决其中的一些问题。他们建造了名为Intuition-1的设备,其中包含了基于神经网络的人工智能组件。该卫星在业内称为6U CubeSat,也就是说它由六个标准尺寸(10x10x11.5cm)的立方模块组成。 Intuition-1 will be equipped with a hyperspectral imager, which takes 150 pictures of every scene it looks at. Each picture is at a different spectral frequency▲▽◁, so contains different information. The neural network stitches these together using powerful graphics chips hardened against radiation▷▪. The developers have also built error correction into their software. Intuition-1将配备一个能每秒钟拍摄150张照片的高光谱成像仪。该成像仪能在不同的频段下拍摄包含不同信息的照片。通过一颗强大的抗辐射的图像处理芯片,神经网络(模块)可以将这些照片拼接在一起。开发人员还在它的软件系统中内置了错误纠正功能。 Intuition-1 will view a 15km-wide swathe of Earth at a resolution of 25 metres per pixel■. This will be able to reveal details such as how well crops are growing or allow the number of trees in a forest to be counted. Intuition-1的视域大概为15km,分辨率大约为25m每像素。这样一来,我们可以通过该卫星观察作物的生长情况-▲,或者对森林中的树木数量进行统计。lol投注 But instead of transmitting back every last bit of image data, the satellite will summarise what the user requests as useful information. This might, for instance▷◆-, be a heat-map showing areas of weeds in a field or the location of a forest fire■-◇. Reducing the data load means that some of this information can be transmitted live. 该卫星将能够提取出用户需要的有用信息,它将不再像以前那样一股脑回传全部的图像数据◁。例如说=,用户可能希望获得热力图信息,电竞赛事竞猜平台他们从中可以得知杂草在田地中的位置=,或者森林火灾的发生位置等等=▼。数据负载的减少意味着卫星可以实时传输一部分(重要)信息。 The satellite will be used to prove that a hardened neural network can survive in space. This could pave the way for other space applications. For example, the Curiosity rover on Mars was successfully upgraded in 2016 with a set of algorithms to detect “interesting” rocks for investigation, instead of picking them randomly. A neural network could provide future rovers and deep-space probes with a better ability to make decisions. 该卫星将用于证明,经过“加固”处理后的神经网络能够在太空中工作。这将为其他的太空应用铺平道路。例如在2016年,好奇号火星车成功进行了软件升级▪•,从此它可以通过一系列算法检测★●☆“有意思的◆◆◁”岩石,并对它们进行调查分析。而在这之前,它一直是随机挑选所要调查的对象△★•。在未来,神经网络将为漫游者和其他的深空探测器提供更强大的决策能力◆◁。 The neural network and hyperspectral imager have already been built and tested by KP labs. The kit will go into a satellite body being constructed by Clyde Space, a satellite producer based in Scotland, and launched in 2022. After that there will be more intelligence in space. KP实验室已经完成了神经网络和高光谱成像仪的建造和测试工作▽★▷。随后▼◆◁,该组件将被安装到由Clyde Space——一家位于苏格兰的卫星生产商——建造的卫星壳体中。按计划,该卫星将于2022年发射。在那之后▼,我们在太空中将拥有更多的“智能”(体)。

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